Summer Assignments


AP Studio Art - 2D Photography Assignment
AP Studio Art - 2D Design Assignment
AP Studio Art – 3D Design Assignment
AP Studio Art - Drawing No Assignment

English: Standard, Honors, and AP

AP English Lang & Comp Assignment
AP English Lit & Comp Assignment
English 9 Honors Assignment
English 10 Honors Assignment
English 11 Honors Assignment
English 12 and English 12 Honors Assignment


AP Calculus AB Assignment
AP Calculus BC Assignment
AP Computer Science No Assignment
AP Statistics No Assignment

MATH: Honors and Standard

Mathematics builds on several skills that you have learned in previous courses.  This packet covers the most important skills that are needed for your next math course.  It is highly recommended that you use some time over the summer to complete the following problems.  There may be a short quiz that covers the information from this packet after the first week of school. 

Algebra 1 Packet
Algebra 2 Packet
Algebra 2 Honors Packet
Geometry Packet
Geometry Honors Packet
Precalculus Packet
Precalculus Honors Packet


AP Biology Assignment
AP Chemistry No Assignment
AP Environmental Science No Assignment
AP Physics 1 No Assignment
AP Physics 2 No Assignment
AP Physics C No Assignment


AP Comparative Government Assignment
AP Economics No Assignment
AP Human Geography Assignment
AP Psychology No Assignment
AP US Government Assignment
AP US History Assignment
AP World History Assignment


AP French No Assignment
AP German Assignment
AP Latin Assignment
AP Spanish Assignment