Starting a New Club or Organization


  • The Club portion of the student activities program is an integral part of the educational process.  It is an opportunity for students to explore new interests or socialize with friends in supervised activities.


  • A club is a meeting of a group of individuals for a specialized purpose. All clubs must have an assigned FCPS-employed sponsor responsible for their management.  Every club must have gone through the FCPS approval process and is thus subject to FCPS regulations in regards to and all affairs.

Creating a New Club

  1. Check in the Activities office or school activities office to determine if a club similar to the idea you have in mind has been previously approved at your school. If no existing club matches your description, then request the appropriate registration forms from the Activities office.
  2. Read the student guidelines for starting a club and the starting a club checklist.
  3. Complete the club application request and find at least 25 interested students to sign interest form.
  4. Ask a current staff member to be a faculty/staff sponsor. It is necessary that a staff member sponsor each activity. 
  5. Complete the club requester form. Additionally, you must submit a proposed constitution.  Write and have your sponsor sign a proposed constitution for your club either by using a template included with the form or by creating your own format. Be sure to include elements such as how students become members of the club, how officers are chosen, how officers can be removed from office, what the responsibilities of the officers are, and how money will be raised. Any questions about the content of the constitution should be directed to the appropriate person in the local school Activities office. Return the application and constitution to the school Activities office. All forms must be typed or computer-generated. All new club/activity applications must be submitted by the first Friday in March unless the school has an earlier deadline.
  6. The forms will be reviewed by the School’s Director of Student Activities, School Principal, and the FCPS Director of Student Activities and Athletics.
  • Upon approval, a copy of your application packet will be returned to your school’s Activities Office and your school’s finance office.  The sponsor of your group will need to contact the Finance Office to set up a financial account.  In order to raise or spend funds, clubs must have an active account in the finance office.

No Club Activities can begin until your club has been approved by FCPS.