About Us

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Our Vision

  • Build one community committed to lifelong learning for all!

Our Commitments

  • We will acknowledge and respect the diversity of all community members through awareness, tolerance, and acceptance
  • We will provide a supportive school atmosphere where everyone feels emotionally, physically, and intellectually safe.
  • We will partner with community members to create experiences that prepare our students for post-high school careers.
  • We will guide students to make responsible life choices toward achievement and character.
  • We will meet students where they are and challenge them to exceed their expectations.
  • We will promote learning beyond the classroom – emphasizing higher order thinking skills.
  • We will collaborate and utilize best practices across grade levels and departments to create conditions that provide equity and promote student success.
  • We will teach the appropriate use of technology and encourage its use in the learning process.
  • We will encourage the importance of parent participation and partnership to increase engagement and support for our student body.
  • We will equip our students with the skills and information necessary to be informed, involved, responsible, and productive citizens of our community.

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