From Fairfax HS Team Captain to Super Bowl Star

By Office of Communication and Community Relations
February 10, 2022

This weekend, the pinnacle of the football world will take place as the Los Angeles Rams face off against the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI. Players from both sides will suit up and emerge from the tunnels with hopes of winning it all and becoming Super Bowl Champs. But years before making it to the most elite game in football, Nick Scott, the starting safety for the Rams, suited up for Fairfax High School, where he wowed fans, connected with coaches, and made lifelong friendships. 

“Needless to say it was evident the moment he set foot on our campus that he was different,” said former Fairfax HS Head Football Coach Kevin Simonds. “He was very charismatic. Very outgoing. His smile lights up a room. It’s been that way ever since I met him."

Scott transferred to Fairfax HS as a junior in 2012 when his family moved to the area. From the get go, Scott proved to be a dynamic athlete, playing several positions including running back, quarterback, wide receiver, and linebacker. 

“His first game I think he scored three touchdowns: two rushing, one receiving,” said Simonds. “I was like, okay, this kid is blowing up the scene in northern Virginia football right away.”

Coach Kevin Simonds with Nick Scott at a Penn State football game.
Coach Kevin Simonds with Nick Scott at a Penn State football game. 

Even off the field, Scott was always full of energy - his nickname was ‘Wiggle’. His infectious energy and passion for the game carried over to his teammates, and he led by example as a team captain. Scott was also passionate about his faith, often leading the team prayer in the locker room before each game. 

Even though they only had two years together, Coach Simonds and Scott formed a close relationship. Simonds went with Scott to college visits as he was recruited by top teams like Alabama, Clemson, and Purdue. He ended up at his first choice school, Penn State, where he had a successful career, before being drafted by the Rams in 2019. 

“I took my son to Nick’s very first NFL game for the Rams at Carolina. We got in the car and went down to Charlotte. We sat up in the stands with his mom and dad. It was just amazing.”

Coach Kevin Simonds and his son at Nick Scott's first NFL game.
Coach Kevin Simonds and his son at Nick Scott's first NFL game. 

Over the years, Scott has also kept in touch with three close friends and teammates from his senior year at Fairfax HS. He was even able to get them tickets to watch the Rams win the NFC Championship in January. Coach Simonds wasn’t at that game, but he texted his former player afterwards saying “God is Good.” Scott replied “God is Good.”

“If I won the lottery, I would buy a Super Bowl ticket and fly out and go to the game. But I don’t have $7,000,” Simonds adds, laughing. 

Simonds says he’s extremely proud of Scott for making it all the way, and he’s excited to watch him play this weekend; but even more so, he’s proud of Scott for the man he's become.

“It’s neat to see how many people are affected by him. Because he is such a good person in and out. People just gravitate towards him. It’s fun seeing thousands and thousands of people cheering him on."