Welcome, Principal Aye!

By Rebecca Baenig, Assistant Superintendent, Region 5
February 17, 2022

The Region 5 Leadership Team, in collaboration with the City of Fairfax Schools’ leadership, is pleased to announce that Ms. Georgina Aye has been named the new principal for Fairfax High School!

Ms. Georgina Aye holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from West Virginia University, a Master of Arts in Education Policy from John Hopkins University and is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Aye has over 17 years of experience in secondary education. She has been a talented principal, central office leader, and assistant principal in Baltimore County, and Baltimore City Public Schools, over the last decade.  As a high school principal, she has a proven record leading two highly diverse communities.  Ms. Aye is currently the principal of Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, which is Baltimore City’s largest high school.

As a high school principal, Ms. Aye has proven to be a true innovator who is focused on results.  As a school leader, Ms. Aye launched the first Early College Magnet program with specific curriculum, course sequencing, logistics, and professional development to ensure its success.  This program has had a positive impact on hundreds of students each school year since being established.  She created a reunification and transition program to support English Language Learners who are new to the country and new to a formal school setting.  She has collaborated with multiple mental health and social-emotional learning agencies to support the needs of her students before and throughout the pandemic.  She launched a “We All Belong Here” initiative that promoted unity, equity, and cultural inclusivity in academics, performing arts, clubs, and athletics.  She has overseen a $40 million school renovation, boosted PTA participation in her school by 25%, promoted professional learning communities with a focus on Literacy in all content areas, established Restorative Practices, decreased absenteeism by 15%, increased student participation in Advanced Placement classes by 230%, and boosted the Advanced Placement Test Pass Rate by 30%.   

Ms. Aye has proven to be a talented, dedicated, caring, and insightful school leader over the years in numerous settings.  She has consistently demonstrated an innate talent for being able to form strong, positive, and collaborative partnerships with staff, colleagues, parents, and (most importantly) students.  She is a fierce advocate and proponent for student voice and efficacy.  She is proactive and responsive in working with families and is highly engaged with her students.  She is an educator who puts her students first, and leads with care, compassion, empathy, and purpose. 

Ms. Aye is originally from West Virginia and still enjoys when country roads take her home to ski, hike, or raft!  She also loves spending time with her husband and their three daughters as they engage in their favorite hobbies – choir, gymnastics, golf, and theater.  As a family, they enjoy trying new foods, reading, and travel.  Ms. Aye began her post-college career as a television commercial producer before she found her true calling as an educator, following in the footsteps of multiple family members who served in the same capacity.   

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Georgina Aye as the new principal of Fairfax High School.  As a student-focused leader, Ms. Aye will be finishing the school year with her students at Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School and will transition to her new home at Fairfax High School in June.  Mrs. Maureen Keck has enthusiastically agreed to continue serving as the Acting Principal for the remainder of the school year and looks forward to working in partnership with Ms. Aye to begin the transition process immediately. Over the next few months, Ms. Aye will visit Fairfax High School to begin establishing a strong foundation of positive relationships with students, staff, and families in the Lion community!

Rebecca Baenig
Assistant Superintendent, Region 5