The Sampler - School Yearbook

It’s Coming Together!

Our staff has been working hard on bringing the yearbook together! We are working on the final pages now – the whole main book will be getting assembled in just a month! Our staff will then be working on our Spring Supplement (covering the spring teams and events) and the Senior Supplement (covering graduation and other senior things. If you have suggestions or pictures, please send them along by clicking Ms. Cutter’s name at the bottom of the page.


Books are available for purchase

school code: 5671


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Want your photos in the yearbook? 

So do we! Students, parents, and teachers can all contribute content to the yearbook staff by uploading photos directly to our website for potential use in the yearbook. The more you share, the better our yearbook can be!

Start sharing today! 

  • Go to 
  • Enter school code 5671
  • Fill out the contact information then click on the green “Select Images for Upload” button
    • Click “Browse for Images”
  • Locate the picture (file) you want to upload. Click on the filename to select it, click Open. 
    • To upload more than one file, Ctrl-click on each filename. You can upload 10 files at a time. 
  • Click on each thumbnail to select it and enter information about all images. This ensures that the information in the yearbook is correct, if the photo is used. 
  • Click blue “Upload Images” button when you are ready to submit pictures. 

You can also get the HJ eSHARE APP!  Instructions here (PDF).

While we cannot guarantee that all shared photos will be published, if you don’t share, your great pictures can’t even be considered! 

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