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Yearbook Information 2021 – 2022

Purchasing a Book

School code: 5671 (by May 14, 2022)

See/email Ms. Cutter or your counselor for information about purchasing a discounted book if you are in the free/reduced lunch program. 

Books arrive at the school late May, and students pick them up at distribution events. At distribution, books will be sold for $80 cash, exact change, as long as supplies last. 

Packages & Options

  • Yearbook Only 
  • Blue Package 
    • Yearbook & Name Plate
  • Lion Package 
    • Yearbook & Name Plate with icon

Packages only available through January 17.

Check order center for prices. Prices rise 11/1; 1/17; 5/26.

For senior ad information, see the back of this page - purchase by November 1!

Portrait Info

Seniors: Aug 23 – 27 in Hallway 23 by appointment only

Yearbook Pose only is no charge. Portraits need to be taken and pose selected by DEC 31 for inclusion in yearbook.

Senior Panorama: Sept 7 during Lion Time (after the senior meeting) in stadium (field house if rain)

Grades 9-11: Sept 8-10 in Auditorium as scheduled through English classes. Parents can use this Picture Day ID to order online at EVT9Q3VMV

Make-up date: Nov 23 in MPR

Contact Lifetouch Directly for ALL payments or portrait inquiries: 1-800-445-1189 / @email  /

Want your photos in the yearbook? 

Students, parents, and teachers can all contribute content to the yearbook staff by uploading photos directly to our website for potential use in the yearbook. 

Please share your photos quickly as we are constantly selecting photos to meet our frequent deadlines. Provide as much detail as possible (including names and grades, location and event) for each photo so we can accurately identify and include your photo. 


Contact Info & Social Media

Adviser: Deidre Cutter  @email Program Email: @email


Follow us on social media to maximize your opportunities to be in the yearbook, and to make sure you get all of our updates:

Instagram: @ffxyearbook

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