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How to Upload a Student Portrait for the Yearbook

Exciting news! Our yearbook publisher, Herff Jones, has implemented a software update that will allow us to accept portraits if you are unable to come in and have Lifetouch take your yearbook photo. (We are unable to use this system to create the school IDs; Lifetouch is still the only way to get a school ID.) If Lifetouch has already taken your portrait, or you are planning to have them take it, then you do not need to upload a portrait and may disregard these instructions. 

Our deadline to accept portraits is December 31. This is based on image processing time, and our yearbook plant printing deadlines. Please be aware of this deadline, as it is not flexible. 

Video Instructions: 

Written Instructions: 

  1. Take your student’s portrait according to the guidelines listed below. 
    • Make sure that you file is saved as one of these file formats: .jpg .jpeg .png
  2. Visit our eShare portal: eShare
  3. Fill in your information in the top portion. 
  4. Choose the green CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD A STUDENT PORTRAIT button near the bottom of that screen. 
  5. Review guidelines, then click the green Next button. 
  6. Click the blue Browse for Portrait Image button. 
  7. Navigate to your image in the browser that pops up. When you select the image, it will appear in the eShare pop up window so that you can crop your image. 
  8. Crop your image by moving the box so that it frames the desired portion of the photo.
    • Make sure the entire head and shoulders are showing in the photo. No hands, knees, etc.  
  9. When satisfied with cropping, click the green Next button. 
  10. Fill in student grade and complete/legal name. Then click the green Next button. 
  11. On the next stage, verify that the image and information are correct. Then press the blue Upload Portrait Image button.

Ensure that your portrait follows the requirements listed below, or it cannot be accepted for publication. 

Portrait Requirements: 

  • Color photos only
  • Plain/neutral background 
  • Full face view, facing forward; sitting or standing pose
  • Clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines
  • No creative filters or photographic treatments
  • No weapons or hand signs of any kind
  • No props or pets in photo
  • No additional people in photo
  • Backgrounds (trees, rocks, columns, etc.) should not block the view of the student
  • No texture, filter, name stamping, embossing, or date stamp


Want your photos in the yearbook? 

So do we! Students, parents, and teachers can all contribute content to the yearbook staff by uploading photos directly to our website for potential use in the yearbook. You can share photos of summer activities, field trips, sporting events or practice, school and community activities, or shots of you and your friends that might otherwise be missed by our yearbook photographers. 

Please share your photos quickly as we are constantly selecting photos to meet our frequent deadlines. Provide as much detail as possible (including names and grades, location and event) for each photo so we can accurately identify and include your photo. 

The more you share, the better our yearbook can be!

Right now, we need pictures of summer events, trips, practices, and other activities. We also need your first day of school pictures, and pictures of you/your student in their at home classroom/workspace. 

Start sharing today! 

  • Go to 
  • Enter school code 5671
  • Fill out the contact information then click on the green “Select Images for Upload” button
    • Click “Browse for Images”
  • Locate the picture (file) you want to upload. Click on the filename to select it, click Open. 
    • To upload more than one file, Ctrl-click on each filename. You can upload 10 files at a time. 
  • Click on each thumbnail to select it and enter information about all images. This ensures that the information in the yearbook is correct, if the photo is used. 
  • Click blue “Upload Images” button when you are ready to submit pictures. 

You can also get the HJ eSHARE APP!  Instructions here (PDF).

While we cannot guarantee that all shared photos will be published, if you don’t share, your great pictures can’t even be considered!