Fairfax High School Attendance

Procedures and policies regarding student attendance at Fairfax High School.

Checking Out Early

  • Planned Check Out – (medical appointment or other excused absence):
    • Please send a note or the Check-out form with your student to bring to the Attendance Office, Room L103, upon arrival to school; student will receive a pink check-out pass.
    • If you do not send in a note with your student, please print, complete, sign, and email the Check-out form to @email, prior to picking up your student.
    • Students must sign out in the Attendance Office L103 before leaving school (if student brought in a note or parents emailed a note, parents do not need to come into the school). If the student fails to sign out, the absence will not be excused.
    • If returning to school, the student must sign in at the Attendance Office, Room L103, before returning to class.
  • Students who become ill, must go to the clinic to call home; they may ONLY check out from the clinic.
  • We cannot accept phone calls for early dismissal

All Day Absences

  • Must be excused by a parent or guardian by following the procedures below:
  • Parents/guardians have three (3) days to excuse the absence.
  • If you receive a call-out message, and believe it is in error, please have your student check with the classroom teacher for that period.

Prearranged Absences(absences lasting more than one (1) day) 

  • Request for Pre-arranged Absence must be completed by parent and signed by all teachers before the form can be turned into the sub school office for AP approval
  • Student must use the FCPS Pre-arranged Absence form, which may be found in the sub school (A-LEE - Room A114 or LEF-Z - Room D127) or here https://www.fcps.edu/sites/default/files/media/forms/se289.pdf

Tardies (Unexcused) students arriving after 8:10 AM for an unexcused reason (oversleeping, car trouble, traffic, power outages, or missing the bus), must:

  • First report to the Attendance Office, Room L103 to obtain a blue tardy pass to class.

Tardies (Excused)students who are late for an excused reason must:

  • Check in at the Attendance Office, Room L103, even during class period change, to obtain a blue tardy pass to class.
    • Students should bring a note from:
      • a parent/guardian; or
      • the Check-in form
      • a note from the appointment, upon arrival to school
  • Have parent or guardian call the Attendance Line (703) 219-2211 to inform the school about the late arrival.


Attendance Line:   703-219-2211

Last Name (A-Lee)    Press 1

Last Name (Lef-Z)    Press 2

Spanish Speaking    Press 3

This attendance form is to be submitted by the parent/legal guardian only.
Please check this box if you wish to report consecutive day absences.
Please list the specific consecutive dates of the absence.
Appropriate student number helps with accuracy

Please state the reason for absence.  For illness, please state the symptoms and doctor diagnosis if available.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

The information sent in the form above will be received at @email