Procedures and policies regarding student attendance at Fairfax High School.


It is a student's responsibility to attend school regularly, on time, and follow assigned schedules. When students must miss school the following procedures must be followed:

All Day Absences

  • Must be excused by a parent or guardian by using one of these two methods.
  • Parents/guardians have three (3) days to excuse the absence.
  • If you receive a call-out message, and believe it is in error, please have your student check with the classroom teacher for that period.

Early Dismissal

  • Planned Check Out - (medical appointment or other excused absence):
    • Please send a note or the Check-out form with your student to bring to the Attendance Office, Room L103, upon arrival to school; student will receive a pink check-out pass.
    • If you do not send in a note with your student, please print, complete, sign, and email the Check-out form to [email protected], prior to picking up your student.
    • Students must sign out in the Attendance Office L103 before leaving school (if your student brought in a note or parents emailed a note, parents do not need to come into the school). If the student fails to sign out, the absence will not be excused.
    • If returning to school, the student must sign in at the Attendance Office, Room L103, before returning to class.
  • Students who become ill, must go to the clinic to call home; they may only check out from the clinic.
  • We cannot accept phone calls for early dismissal. We need written documentation or an in-person check out.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. must:

  • First report to the Attendance Office, Room L103 to obtain a blue tardy pass to class. Students will be assigned an Excused Late Arrival or an Unexcused Late Arrival. Students who are late for an excused reason must:
    • Bring a note from parent/guardian; or
    • Bring in the Check-in form; or
    • Provide a note from the appointment
  • Parent/guardian should call the Attendance Line 703-219-2211 to inform the school about the late arrival.

Prearranged Absences - absences for more than one (1) day

  • Request for Pre-arranged Absence must be completed by parent and signed by all teachers before the form can be turned into the sub school office for AP approval
  • Student must use the FCPS Pre-arranged Absence form, which may be found in the sub school (A-LEE - Room A114 or LEF-Z - Room D127) or online on the FCPS website. ​​​​​​​

    Attendance Phone Numbers

    • Attendance Line703-219-2211
      • Last Name (A-Lee) - Press 1
      • Last Name (Lef-Z) - Press 2
      • Spanish Speaking - Press 3