Ordering PE Uniforms

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Fairfax PE uniforms are now available for purchase online through #ATHLETICUNION.  It is recommended to purchase more than one uniform so that your child has one to wear at school while the other is being washed at home.  (Please note: it is more cost effective to purchase a GYM PACK, which includes one shirt and one pairs of shorts, then it is to purchase shirts and shorts separately!)

We will have two windows of times to purchase PE uniforms:

  • NOW thru July 15th = any orders during this window should arrive before the start of school (or at least by the end of the first week of school, when we start dressing out for class).
  • July 16th thru September 6th = any orders during this window will arrive around the end of September. (Students will start the school year by using their previous PE uniform and/or bringing a change of clothing from home until their order arrives.)

All orders placed between now and September 6th will be delivered to the school; please remember to use the free shipping code: #Fairfax. (Please make sure to include the hashtag and to make the first letter F capitalized!)  Please note that all orders are made to order, so please choose your sizes carefully! 

Uniforms ordered AFTER September 6th will be produced and delivered late as well as having to pay shipping fees. Also, late orders will be mailed to you home mailing address! 

To order, visit https://athleticunion.com/fairfax/

If you have any questions regarding with ordering on the website, please contact Bianca Campbell via email - @email

If you have any school specific questions, please contact Cathy Horacek via email – @email


  • Students will be allowed to use their old PE uniform if they still have it or can purchase and use a brand new PE uniform!
  • During the first week of school and/or until we sell out, we will also be trying to get rid of our old design PE uniforms and sweats and will be selling those at rock bottom prices, but with VERY limited sizes.  Old design PE shirts and shorts will cost $2 per item.  Old design sweatpants and sweatshirts will cost $10 per item.  Again, we will have very limited sizes for these old design items!  (These old designed PE uniforms and sweats will only be sold on site, at Fairfax HS, by the PE teachers.)
  • All students should plan on bringing in a change of clothing from home until their receive their order(s)!

Thank you,

Health & Physical Education Department